Chatbots for Immigration Lawyers

YoTengo helps immigration law firms engage with the highest value clients at the lowest possible cost. A must-have tool for the Lawyer Marketing modern world.  


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YoTengo Onboarding Process

Our chatbots can be ready to work for your law firm in 2 weeks

Our chatbots can help your firm by talking to your clients about your firm, show them videos of you answering legal questions similar to theirs.

Our chatbots can book appointments and handoff conversations to their human coworkers. They can also “qualify” customers to make sure that they are the appropriate customer for your law firm.

Our chatbots are bilingual in English/Spanish and available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Jared Jaskot

Jared Jaskot started creating chatbots to help serve immigrants in his community in Baltimore, Maryland.

The first versions of these bots worked at his law firm Jaskot Law. After seeing this technology double his law firm revenue in one year, he decided to make a white label version of his technology so it could serve many more immigrants through law firms all over the world.

Our Partners

Our partners are global leaders in AI, Machine Learning, and conversational marketing.

Atos zData
Duke Law Tech Lab
Tedco Seed Fund
Global Wizards

Our Technology

YoTengoBot is a proprietary chatbot platform that allows our team to easily build and deploy chatbots across a broad range of communication channels and apps, in multiple languages.

Our base chatbot uses a combination of IBM Watson and our own convolutional neural net for NLP. Because of our unique network structure, we have a large data set that allows us to continuously improve our conversational accuracy.

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